Stephen Segaller – Jung on film (1957)

Here a short description: This compelling film represents a rare record of an original genius. In Jung on Film, the pioneering psychologist tells us about his collaboration with Sigmund Freud, about the insights he gained from listening to his patients’ dreams, and about the fascinating turns his own life has taken. Dr. Richard I. Evans, … Continue reading Stephen Segaller – Jung on film (1957)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau – L’Histoire du Cinema 16 (1982)

No IMDB entry Synopsis : Jean-Jacques Rousseau has just finished his last film, shot in unworthy conditions. He is preparing to show it to the movie critics of a local newspaper. The filmmaker launches the first images but these reveal all the problems that a non-professional filmmaker may encounter.

Barbara Hammer – Maya Deren’s Sink (2011)

This evocative tribute to the mother of American avantgarde film calls forth the spirit of one who was larger than life as recounted by those who knew her. Friends and contemporaries float through her homes, recalling in tiny bits and pieces words of Deren’s architectural and personal interior space. Clips from her films are projected … Continue reading Barbara Hammer – Maya Deren’s Sink (2011)

Ferdinand Khittl – Das magische Band AKA The Magic Tape (1959)

Das magische Band – West Germany 1959, 21 min. Directed by: Ferdinand Khittl Written by: Bodo Blüthner, Ferdinand Khittl, Ernst von Khuon Cinematography by: Ronald Martini Music by: Oskar Sala Edited by: Irmgard Henrici Cast: Margot Trooger, Ferdinand Khittl Produced by: Gesellschaft für bildende Filme, München One of the 3 short films that came as … Continue reading Ferdinand Khittl – Das magische Band AKA The Magic Tape (1959)

Ilmar Raag – Klass AKA The Class (2007)

Plot summary: Introvert Joosep is the butt of crude jokes from his classmates who are irritated by his taciturn nature. The only support he has comes from Kaspar, whom he sits next to in class. Quote: This isn’t a sociological probe into the theme of adolescent bullying which might turn violently against the perpetrators, but … Continue reading Ilmar Raag – Klass AKA The Class (2007)

Hugo Santiago – Invasión (1969)

nvasion is the legend of a city, real or imagined, under attack by powerful enemies and defended by a handful of men who may not be heroes. They will carry on their struggle to the finish, unaware that the battle is endless. “Two analogous experiences, distant from each other, now live in my memory. The … Continue reading Hugo Santiago – Invasión (1969)