Atif Yilmaz – Hayallerim, askim ve sen (1987)


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Coskun (Oguz Tunc;), who grew up in an orphanage, has been in love with the very famous film star Derya Altinay (Turkan Soray) all of his life. His only purpose in life is to meet her one day and write a film script for her. He is so much in love with her that he believes that he lives with the two film characters which she performed in her old movies. However these two old characters do not want him to write an original script for Derya Altinay as they will be forgotten when a new character is created. So, they start an emotional war to prevent him from writing his script. Written by Zeki Giritli Continue reading Atif Yilmaz – Hayallerim, askim ve sen (1987)

Philip Powrie & Keith Reader – French Cinema: A Student’s Guide (2003)

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The study of French cinema has expanded dramatically in recent years, as it is increasingly taught alongside literature in modern language departments. Many entrants to courses have no previous experience of film study. This book, written by two leading scholars of French film, offers students an introduction to the history and theory of French cinema, while giving them an understanding of the concepts and techniques involved in the study of film. It also contains a model essay, sample film analyses, and an appendix of statistics, filmography, bibliography and glossary, making this book an indispensable and comprehensive resource. Continue reading Philip Powrie & Keith Reader – French Cinema: A Student’s Guide (2003)

Tomris Giritlioglu – Güz sancisi AKA Pains of Autumn (2009)


As the year 1955 is moving towards autumn, Turkey’s increasingly tense political atmosphere starts to cast its dark shadow on the glittering beauty of Beyoglu. Behcet is the only son of a father in whom the government and the bureaucracy take a close interest due to his strong influence in Antakya. While working as a research assistant at the Faculty of Law in Istanbul, Behcet is falling under the sway of extreme nationalism as a result of his upbringing and the influential role model of his father. The only thing that causes Behcet to stumble on this road is the woman he secretly observes through the window of the apartment opposite his own. This woman, who is aware that she is being observed by Behcet, is Elena. She is one of those peerless beauties making up the cosmopolitan kaleidoscope of Beyoglu. A prostitute with a childlike spirit, she is sold off to high-level bureaucrats by her grandmother, who herself is a former prostitute. Continue reading Tomris Giritlioglu – Güz sancisi AKA Pains of Autumn (2009)

Mervyn LeRoy – Any Number Can Play (1949)


Plot Synopsis by Mark Deming
In this light drama, Clark Gable once again played his stock-in-trade role of a rogue with a heart of gold. Charlie King (Gable) runs a casino, but, in a business that thrives among the unscrupulous, Charlie takes pride in running an honest game and treating his customers with fairness and respect. However, Charlie’s wife Lon (Alexis Smith) doesn’t care if he runs a fair game — she regards gambling as a dirty and corrupt business, and no matter how honest Charlie may be, he’s still involved in a wicked activity. Charlie’s son Paul (Darryl Hickman) is also against him; when Paul gets in trouble and Charlie bails him out of jail, he refuses to leave with him, instead going home with mother. Charlie invites Paul to see what his casino is like, and Lon agrees that Paul should know just what his father does. Continue reading Mervyn LeRoy – Any Number Can Play (1949)